Cunard Queen Mary 2 World Cruise Itinerary, Prices

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This is a review of RMS QM2 ship Cunard Queen Mary 2 World Cruise 2015 itinerary and prices. Cunard QM2 World Cruise deals offer the most unique experiences by the very last authentic Transatlantic ocean liner. For more information – this is the link to the QM2 cruise itinerary and sailing schedule 2014-2015.

The most special Cunard ship RMS Queen Mary Around The World Cruise 2015 voyage will depart from Southampton UK. The traditional, exceptional, the most British Cunard ship Queen Mary 2 sails on majestic journeys to all the Britain’s great territories of influence – South Africa, Australia, South East Asia, India. And this is the external link to the Cunard Line’s website.

Continuing the legacy of The Famous Transatlantic Ocean Liners of the World, the QM2 world cruise 2015 will be again just a 3 months-long prelude for all the regular Queen Mary Transatlantic crossings in 2015 between  Southampton and NYC New York.Cunard Queen Mary 2 World Cruise itinerary information

Cunard Queen Mary 2 World Cruise 2015

The 113-day long Queen Mary 2 2015 World Cruise itinerary will be visiting the following countries (departure/arrival Southampton, England – January 10 – May 3) – Spain, Italy, Egypt, UAE, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Brunei, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius, South Africa, Namibia, Canaries and Madeira.

QM2 World Cruise 2015 itinerary, map, ports

Queen Mary 2 World Tour 2015 ports of calls: Malaga (Jan13), Barcelona (Jan15), Rome (Jan17), Port Said (20), on Jan21 (Port Sokhna, Port Suez, Suez Canal transit), Port Sokhna (22), Safaga (23), Dubai (29 & 30), Abu Dhabi (31), Cochin (Feb4), Sri Lanka (6), Phuket (10), Penang (11), Klang/Kuala Lumpur (12), Singapore (13), Sihanoukville (15), Ho Chi Minh City (17), in China (Sanya, 19, Hong Kong, 21 & 22), Bandar Seri Begawan (25), Indonesia (Bitung, 28), in Australia (Darwin, Mar3, Hamilton Island, 8, Brisbane, 10, Sydney, 12), in New Zealand (Fjordland, 15, Akaroa, 17, Wellington, 18, Auckland, 20 & 21, Bay of Islands, 22), around Australia – Sydney (25), Melbourne (27), Adelaide (29), Fremantle/Perth (Apr2), Mauritius (Port Louis, 9), in South Africa (Durban, 13, Port Elizabeth, 15, Cape Town, 17 & 18), Namibia (Walvis Bay, 20), Gran Canaria (28), Funchal (29), in Southampton disembarkation on May 3, 2015.

QM2 Cunard Queen Mary 2 World Cruise 2015 itinerary map

QM2 World Cruise 2015 prices

QM2 World cruise 2015 prices Per Person (double occupancy, USD, taxes and port fees not included) – Inside Britannia cabins $20,000, Ocean-view Britannia rooms $27,000, Balcony Britannia rooms $28,000, Club Balcony $37,200, Princess Grill Suite $57,000, Queens Grill Suite $67,000. Min-Max per day – $177 for Inside and $593 for the top grade Suite. Amount of the additional QM2 World Voyage 2015 Gov taxes and port fees is US$1,539 (on the 113-day itinerary).

Note: These are the early booking QM2 World Cruise prices. They will stay un-updated so you can compare how QM2 cruise rates actually fluctuate with your sailing dates approaching.

Cunard World Cruises on Queen Mary 2

Cunard Queen Mary 2 World Cruise 2014 itinerary, map, ports

The 119-night Queen Mary 2 2014 World cruise itinerary offered visiting the following countries (departure/arrival Southampton, England – January 10 – May 9) – Spain, Namibia, South Africa, Mauritius, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Egypt, Italy and Portugal.

Queen Mary 2 World Tour 2014 ports of calls: Funchal (Jan14), Canary Islands (Tenerife, Jan15), Namibia (Walvis Bay, Jan25), Cape Town (Jan27), Durban (Jan30), Mauritius (Port Louis, Feb3), Australia – Fremantle  (Feb12), Melbourne (Feb17), Sydney (Feb19), Brisbane (Feb21), Hamilton Island (Feb23), Darwin (Feb27), Indonesia (Bali, Mar2), Australia – Fremantle (Mar6), Adelaide (Mar10), Melbourne (Mar12), Sydney (Mar14), Brisbane (Mar16), Yorky’s (Mar19), Asia – Malaysia (Kotakinabulu, Mar25), China – Shanghai (Mar29), Hong Kong (Apr1), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, Apr5), Thailand (Bangkok, Apr7), Singapore (Apr10), Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur (Apr11), Langkawi (Apr12), Sri Lanka (Colombo, Apr15), UAE (Dubai, Apr20), Oman (Muscat, Apr22), Egypt – Port Sokhna (Apr28), Port Suez (Apr29), Suez Canal passing (Apr29), Port Said (Apr29), and Europe – Rome (May3), Lisbon (May6), disembarkation in Southampton on May9.

QM2 Cunard Queen Mary 2 World Cruise 2014 itinerary map

QM2 World Cruise 2014 prices

QM2 World cruise 2014 prices Per Person (double occupancy, US dollars, taxes and port fees not included) – Inside Britannia cabin $22,000, Ocean-view Britannia $28,000, Balcony Britannia $30,000, Club Balcony $41,000, Princess Grill Suite $60,000 and Queens Grill Suite $69,000. Min-Max per day – $185 for Inside and $580 for a Suite. And three more “Around The World” options:

  • on January 28 – the 101-night one-way World cruise from Cape Town, South Africa, to UK (Southampton) – prices $19,500-$24,500$26,200$33,450-$51,800-$59,400.
  • on February 19 2014 – the 79-night one-way World cruise from Sydney, Australia, to England (Southampton) – prices $15,300-$19,200-$20,500-$26,250-$40,550-$46,500.
  • on March 14 2014 – the second 56-night one-way World cruise from Australia to UK (departing again from Sydney to Southampton – prices $10,900-$13,600-$14,500-$18,700-$28,750-$33,000.

Queen Mary 2 World Cruise 2014 segments

  • (January 10, from Southampton UK)
  • 40-night to Sydney, Australia
  • 63-night to Sydney
  • 59-night to Adelaide, Australia
  • 42-night to Brisbane, Australia
  • 65-night to Brisbane
  • 33-nigh to Perth, Australia
  • 55-night to Perth
  • 38-night to Melbourne, Australia
  • 61-night to Melbourne
  • 18-night to Cape Town, South Africa
  • 101-night to Dubai
  • 82-night to Hong Kong, China
  • (January 28, from Cape Town South Africa)
  • 101-night South Africa to UK
  • 24-night to Brisbane
  • 22-night to Sydney
  • 20-night to Melbourne
  • 41-night to Adelaide
  • 15-night to Perth
  • 83-night to Dubai
  • 64-night to Hong Kong
  • (February 12, from Perth/Fremantle, Australia)
  • 86-night to Southampton
  • (February 17, from Melbourne, Australia)
  • 52-night to Singapore
  • (February 19, from Sydney, Australia)
  • 79-night to Southampton
  • 61-night to Dubai
  • 42-night to Hong Kong
  • 61-night to Dubai
  • 50-night to Singapore
  • (February 21, from Brisbane, Australia)
  • 59-night to Dubai
  • 40-night to Hong Kong
  • (March 6, from Perth/Fremantle, Australia)
  • 64-night to Southampton, UK
  • 46-night to Dubai
  • 35-night to Singapore
  • 27-night to Hong Kong
  • (March 10, from Adelaide)
  • 60-night to UK
  • (March 12, from Melbourne)
  • 58-night to UK
  • 40-night to Dubai
  • 21-night to Hong Kong
  • 29-night to Singapore
  • (March 14, from Sydney)
  • 56-night to Southampton
  • 38-night to Dubai
  • 19-night to Hong Kong
  • 27-night to Singapore
  • (March 16, from Brisbane)
  • 54-night to UK
  • 17-night to Hong Kong
  • (April 2, from Hong Kong, China)
  • 37-night to UK
  • 19-night to Dubai
  • 8-night to Singapore
  • (April 10, from Singapore)
  • 29-night to UK
  • 11-night to Dubai
  • (April 21, from Dubai to UK (18-night).

QM2 World Cruise 2013

The 106-night QM2 World cruise 2013 itinerary included ports in Spain, Greece and Egypt (including a Suez Canal crossing), UAE, India and Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Australia and New Zealand, Mauritius, South Africa, Namibia, Canary Islands  and Portugal, before returning to its home-port Southampton in England.Cunard QM2 World Cruise 2013 itinerary Map

  • World Tour 2013 ports of calls: Barcelona, Athens (from Piraeus), Port Said, Suez Canal (January 19), Port Suez, Port Sokhna, Safaga, Dubai (January 27), Abu Dhabi, India (Cochin), Sri Lanka (Colombo), Malaysia (Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur (from Klang), Singapore (February 9), Thailand (Ko Samui and Bangkok (from Laem Chabang), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh), China (Hong Kong (February 17) and Shanghai), in Australia (Yorky’s, Brisbane and Sydney (March 7), New Zealand (Bay of Islands, Auckland (March 11), Wellington, Christchurch and Fjordland), AU again with Sydney (March 19), Melbourne, Adelaide and Fremantle), Mauritius (Port Louis), in South Africa (Durban (April 6), Port Elizabeth, Cape Town (April 9), Namibia (Walvis Bay), Canary Islands (Gran Canaria, April 21), Madeira (Funchal), Vigo and Southampton.
  • 2013 World Cruise prices Per Person (full itinerary, double occupancy, in US dollars, Gov taxes and port fees not included). QM2 World Tour 2013 sailing date was January 10th, and world cruise rates were as follows: for Inside Britannia cabin $22,000, Ocean-view Britannia $27,500, Balcony Britannia $29,700, Princess Grill Suite $61,200 and Queens Grill Suite $80,300. Min-Max fares per day – $208 for Inside and $758 for a Suite accommodation.

The absolutely most special luxury cruise ship rms Queen Mary 2 sails on classic world-class itineraries. The QM2 ship offers all the comfort and superior service one might expect from an classic Atlantic Ocean liner built at the mind boggling cost of 800 million dollars. So whatever the QM2 cruise prices might be, booking a voyage on this liner means a not cheap, but best luxury cruise deal on a most special cruise vacation full of traditional romance and luxurious experiences – the old-new Cunard style! Happy sailings with the RMS Queen Mary 2!

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