Queen Mary 2 Cruises

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This is the Cunard Queen Mary 2 cruise 2015-2016-2017 itinerary review. We also have here information regarding the rms Queen Mary 2 cruise schedule. It is the Cunard QM2 ship’s complete sailing calendar with the QM2 cruise prices on all departures to compare. Cunard QM2 is among the biggest liners you’ll find listed in the Southampton cruise ship schedule. Compare departure dates and all the “affordable-luxury” to “inexpensive” Cunard QM2 cruise rates – to plan better your most British luxury vacations with the Cunard Line.

Cunard Queen Mary 2 cruises, Transatlantic crossings

The Cunard Queen Mary 2 cruise 2015-2016 itineraries program again offers a Cunard World Voyage from Southampton, the classic Cunard Transatlantic crossings, the special QM2 deals to Norway and the longer combined (“Back-to-Back”) itineraries to Canada New England and Caribbean. At the following links you will find information on:

Queen Mary 2 itinerary 2015-2016

In the beginning of each year, the Cunard QM2 ship offers an over 100 days Around the World Voyage departing from Southampton England, UK. Remember, that Booking a smaller itinerary segment from the QM2 World Tour is the cheaper option. For detailed information, follow the “QM2 World Cruise” link above.Cunard Queen Mary 2 cruise itinerary information

  • Sometimes referred to as “repositioning (relocation) cruises”, the Queen Mary 2 ship offers during the whole year its regular classic one-way 7-night Cunard Transatlantic crossings between the ports of Southampton (London) and Brooklyn (NYC, New York). When the port of Hamburg in Germany is added, the one-way itineraries become of 9-nights, with departures from Hamburg with Southampton to New York, and the reverse from NYC. As part of these sailings, 2-night short cruises from Southampton to Hamburg and the reverse are also operated, with no additional call ports. You may also book a 18-night round-trip cruise from Hamburg to NYC as an option by the QM2 Transatlantic itinerary, plus the 14-night round-trip itinerary from Southampton to NYC.
  • Queen Mary Mini cruises are with duration of 4 and 5 nights, operated as round-trip short cruise breaks to Europe from Southampton, including as ports of call in France (Le Havre, to  Paris),  Rotterdam in The Netherlands and in Belgium – Bruges (from Zeebrugge). Rarely, these short trips may also include visiting the UK’s Channel Islands.
  • Queen Mary 2 cruises to Norway Fjords are operated as a 16-night round-trip itinerary from Southampton to Hamburg and the Norwegian ports Bergen, Andalsnes, Trondheim, Honningsvag, Tromso, Alesund and Stavanger, then calling again on Hamburg and returning to Southampton. In this group are also operated 10-night round-trip itineraries to Norway from Hamburg, and the longest are the 28-night combined itineraries from NYC with Norway to Southampton.
  • Queen Mary cruises to Mediterranean from Southampton with round-trip departures are available with 10-night sailings visiting Vigo, Lisbon, Valencia, Barcelona.
  • The Queen Mary cruise to Canary Islands from UK and New York is another Cunard special, with 11 and 12-night Southampton round-trip with Madeira (Funchal), the Canaries (visiting St Cruz De La Palma, Tenerife, Gran Canaria), and Lisbon. These sailings if combined with the Transatlantic from New York may last up to a month.
  • Queen Mary 2 cruises to Caribbean are usually operated in December as special Caribbean Christmas cruise Holidays deals. The QM2 Caribbean itineraries are 19-night sailings from Southampton to New York and the Caribbean visiting St Thomas, Dominica, St Lucia, Barbados, St Kitts, and then returning to NYC. This itinerary is also available as 19-night Christmas cruise from NYC to Caribbean and Southampton (disembarkation), a 12-night round-trip NYC to Caribbean or 26-night round-trip from Southampton to Caribbean with NYC.
  • round-trip Around Britain (“British Isles”) cruise from Southampton with Hamburg, Scotland (Greenock), Ireland (Dublin), Liverpool, Invergordon, Stavanger (Norway), Hamburg, 29-night as a round-trip from NYC and 11-night as a Hamburg round-trip.
  • 8-night Transatlantic crossing UK to NYC.
  • The QM2 Caribbean cruise (in December) visits St Thomas, Antigua, St Kitts, St Maarten, BVI (Tortola).
  • In 2016-2017, Cunard QM2 cruise program features 2 new Canadian ports of call – Gaspe and Saguenay. Both cities will be maiden visits not only for QM2, but for the Cunard’s current  fleet as well. The QM2 continues to offer her standard Transatlantic service US to Europe and the reverse, with a total of 19 Transatlantic Crossings in 2016 (operated between May and December), plus one in 2017 January.

Queen Mary 2 cruises to Canada from UK and New York are offered in early Fall as short round-trips from NYC to New England with calling on Halifax and Boston (on 5-night trips), 7-night trips with Boston, Bar Harbor and Halifax, and 11-night round-trip NYC to Newport, Boston, Bar Harbor, Halifax, Saint John, Quebec City. If combined with the Transatlantic crossings, they are operated as up to 19-night Southampton-NYC-Canada-NYC, or up to 25-night round-trip UK to NYC and Canada.

Queen Mary 2 cruise schedule prices

  • Cunard Queen Mary 2 cruise schedule (QM2 ship sailing calendar, all departures dates)Our Cunard Queen Mary 2 schedule shows cruise dates with tickets prices Per Person (on the cheapest available QM2 category cabins).
  • Our QM2 cruise prices are regularly updated, but only show suggestive rates PP on the ship’s cheapest staterooms. These are usually the “Inside Britannia” cabins. If sold out, next are “Britannia Oceanview”, “Britannia Club Balcony”, “Princess Grill Suite” and the most expensive “Queens Grill Suite” accommodations available for booking.
  • All QM2 prices are based on double occupancy, with fares in US dollars.
  • All prices in this survey are indicative and most probably will change with sailing (departure) dates approaching, any available QM2 discounts/promotions, different travel agencies rates, last minute deals (Cunard), etc. Nevertheless, our QM2 cruise tickets prices comparison will show you the seasonal change in the ship’s rates, along with the range of savings attainable by booking early your Cunard deals.
  • Government fees and taxes are always additional, and here we’ve marked them with “+$” at the end of each itinerary. See more at our QM2 tickets prices survey.
  • These are links to the official websites of the port authorities of New York and New Jersey and of the ABP Southampton port operator.

QUEEN MARY 2 cruise 2015 itinerary schedule prices

Queen Mary 2 cruises 2015

MAY 2015 Transatlantic, British Isles /Liverpool

  • (May 3) 7-day from Southampton to New York – prices from $1120 pp.
  • (May 10) 7-day New York to Southampton – from $1600.
  • (May 10) 17-day New York to Southampton also visiting Ireland (Cork, 19, Dublin, 20), Scotland (Greenock /to Glasgow, 21, Oban, 22), Liverpool (24 & 25) and Guernsey (26) – from $3350.
  • (May 10) 24-day round-trip from New York to UK (Ireland, Scotland, England, Channel Islands, Southampton, May 27) – from $4500.
  • (May 17) 10-day British Isles cruise from Southampton, round-trip to Cork (19), Dublin (20), Glasgow (21), Oban (22), Liverpool (24 & 25), Channel Islands (26) – prices from $2200 pp.
  • (May 17) 17-day Around Britain and Transatlantic to NYC from Southampton – from $3350.
  • (May 27) 7-day crossing Southampton to New York –  from $1240.

JUNE 2015 Transatlantic, Canada

  • (June 3) 7-day from New York to Southampton (prices from $1300) and 9-day new York to Hamburg ($1650).
  • (June 10) 2-day from Southampton to Hamburg- $400 pp.
  • (June 10) round-trip 4-day UK short break from Southampton to Hamburg (12) – from $700.
  • (June 12) 18-day Transatlantic round-trip from Hamburg to Southampton (14), NYC (21), Southampton (28), Hamburg (30) – from $3550.
  • (June 12) 2-day Hamburg to Southampton- $410.
  • (June 14) 7-day from Southampton to New York – $1300.
  • (June 14) 14-day round-trip Transatlantic Southampton to New York (21) – $2650.
  • (June 21) 7-day from New York to Southampton – from $1490.
  • (June 21) 9-day New York to Hamburg with Southampton (28) – from $1900.
  • (June 21) 23-day round-trip Transatlantic and Canada cruise from New York to Southampton (28), Hamburg (30), Southampton (July 2), Liverpool (4), Halifax NS (10), Boston MA (12), to NYC (14) – from $4800 pp.
  • (June 28) 2-day Southampton to Hamburg- $400, and 4-day Southampton to Germany round-trip ($700).
  • (June 20) 2-day Hamburg to Southampton- $400, 4-day Hamburg to Liverpool with Southampton (July 2) – from $710, and 14-day to Canada (from Hamburg to New York City) – from $3000 pp.

JULY 2015 Transatlantic, Canada

  • (July 2) 2-day Southampton to Hamburg – prices from $470 pp.
  • (July 2) 20-day round-trip from Southampton to Canada and USA, visiting Liverpool (4), Halifax (10), Boston (12), NYC (14) – from $4250, and 12-day to New York ($2600).
  • (July 4) 10-day Anniversary cruise from Liverpool to New York with Canada/Halifax (10) and Boston (12) – prices from $2430 pp.
  • (July 14) 8-day from New York to Southampton with Halifax (16) – from $1650, and 16-day round-trip from NYC ($3150).
  • (July 22) 8-day crossing from Southampton to New York – from $1600.
  • (July 22) 13-day from Southampton to Canada, visiting NYC (30), Halifax (Aug 1), Boston (2), to New York – from $2800, and 20-day UK to Canada round-trip from Southampton- prices from $4300.
  • (July 30) 5-day Canada round-trip from New York to Halifax (Aug 1) and Boston (2) – $1200, and 12-day USA to UK – plus NYC (Aug 4) to Southampton (Aug 11) – $2700.

AUGUST 2015 Transatlantic, Canada

  • (August 4) 15-day round-trip from New York to Southampton (11) and Canada (Halifax, (17) – prices from $3130 pp, and the 7-day crossing from New York to Southampton($1500).
  • (August 11) 8-day Transatlantic from Southampton to New York – $1600 pp, and 16-day round-trip Transatlantic from Southampton to Canada (Halifax, Aug 17) and New York (19) – from $3150.
  • (August 19) 8-day crossing New York to Southampton – $1600, and 16-day round-trip Transatlantic from New York to UK – $3180.
  • (August 27) 8-day from Southampton to New York – $1600 pp, and 15-day Transatlantic round-trip from Southampton – $2950.

SEPTEMBER 2015 Transatlantic, New England

  • (September 4) 7-day crossing from New York to Southampton (prices from $1450 pp) and 9-day New York to Hamburg ($1800 pp).
  • (September 11) 2-day from Southampton to Hamburg – $400.
  • (September 18) 9-day crossing from Hamburg to New York with Southampton (Sept 20) – $1800, and 2-day Hamburg to Southampton($400).
  • (September 18) 23-day from Hamburg to Canada/New England, visiting Southampton (20), NYC (27), Bar Harbor ME (29), New Brunswick (Saint John, 30), Nova Scotia (Halifax, Oct 1), Quebec City (Oct 3, 4 & 5), Nova Scotia (Sydney, 7), Boston MA (9), Newport RI (10) – from $4400 pp, and 16-day from Germany to Canada (Hamburg to Quebec City) – $3100pp.
  • (September 18) 32-day round-trip Transatlantic with Canada from Hamburg – $6200.
  • (September 20) 7-day crossing from Southampton to New York ($1400), 14-day UK to Canada (from Southampton to Quebec City- $2700) and 21-day UK to NYC (plus Sydney, Boston, Newport – $4000pp).
  • (September 20) 28-day round-trip Transatlantic from Southampton to Canada/New England – prices from $5400pp.
  • (September 27) 7-day from New York to Quebec City, visiting Bar Harbor (29), Saint John NB (30), Halifax NS (Oct 1) and Quebec City (3) – from $1300.
  • (September 27) 14-day round-trip from New York to Canada – plus Sydney (Oct 7), Boston (9), Newport (10) – $2550; 21-day to Southampton ($4070pp)and 23-day to Hamburg ($4350pp).

OCTOBER 2015 Transatlantic, New England

  • (October 4) 7-day from Quebec City to New York, visiting Sydney (7), Boston (9) and Newport (10) – prices from $1300, and 14-day from Canada to UK (Southampton) – $2700.
  • (October 11) 7-day crossing from New York to Southampton ($1400), 9-day from New York to Hamburg ($1800) and 18-day round-trip Transatlantic cruise from New York to Uk and Germany ($3400).
  • (October 18) 4-day short break round-trip from Southampton to Hamburg (Oct 20) – $700.
  • (October 20) 2-day Hamburg to Southampton($400) and 9-day crossing from Hamburgto New York ($1700).
  • (October 22) 7-day crossing from Southampton to New York ($1300) and 14-day round-trip Transatlantic from Southampton to New York ($2500).
  • (October 29) 7-day crossing New York to Southampton($1300pp), and 14-day roundtrip from New York ($3500pp).

NOVEMBER 2015 Mini cruise

  • (November 30) 3-day round-trip from Southampton to Bruges (from Zeebrugge, Dec 2) – prices from $600 pp.

December 2015 Caribbean, Canaries

  • (December 3) 12-day Canary Islands from Southampton, round-trip to Funchal (7), Tenerife (8), Gran Canaria (9), Arrecife (10), Lisbon (12) and Vigo (13) – prices from $2000.
  • (December 15) 7-day Transatlantic crossing from Southampton to New York – $1200.
  • (December 15) 19-day Caribbean cruise from Southampton to New York, visiting USVI (St Thomas, 26), St Kitts (27), St Lucia (28), St Maarten (29), BVI (Tortola, 30), in NYC on January 3 – prices from $3600pp.
  • (December 22) 12-day round-trip cruise from New York to Caribbean (St Thomas, St Kitts, St Lucia, St Maarten, Tortola) – from $2400, and 19-day NYC to Caribbean and UK (Southampton arrival on January 10) – from $3600pp.

QUEEN MARY 2 cruise 2016 itinerary schedule prices

QM2 2016 World Cruise segments. For exact itinerary and ports of call information – follow the World Tour link at page top. The booking code for all QM2 World Cruise 2016 segments is M603. Cruise prices were updated accordingly with the Cunard Line’s website rates.Queen Mary 2 cruises 2016

JANUARY 2016 QM2 World Cruise segments from UK & USA

  • (January 3) 7-day Transatlantic New York to Southampton (M502) $1200
  • (January 10 departures from Southampton, UK)
  • 7-day Transatlantic from Southampton to New York – from $1200
  • 10-day (UK to Florida) from Southampton to Fort Lauderdale FL (with NYC) – from $1100
  • 23-day (UK to Brazil, South America) from Southampton to Rio De Janeiro – from $2450
  • 38-day (UK to Chile, South America) from Southampton to Santiago/Valparaiso – from $4000
  • 60-day (UK to Australia) from Southampton to Sydney – from $6500
  • 78-day (UK to China) from Southampton to Hong Kong – from $8700
  • 98-day (UK to Asia) from Southampton to Dubai – from $10850
  • 120-day World Cruise from Southampton round-trip – from $12,800 PP (prices are inclusive of flights).
  • (January 17 departures from New York, USA)
  • 16-day (USA to South America) New York to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – from $1900
  • 31-day (USA to South America) New York to Santiago/Valparaiso, Chile – from $3650
  • 53-day (USA to Australia) New York to Sydney – from $5800
  • 71-day (USA to China) from New York to Hong Kong – from $10400
  • 91-day (USA to Asia) from New York to Dubai – from $10200
  • 113-day (World Cruise from New York to Southampton) $16,600 PP.
  • (January 20 departures from Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
  • 13-day (Florida to Brazil, South America) from Fort Lauderdale to Rio De Janeiro – from $1550
  • 28-day (Florida to Chile, South America) from Fort Lauderdale to Santiago/Valparaiso – from $3300
  • 50-day (Florida to Australia) from Fort Lauderdale to Sydney – from $5750
  • 68-day (Florida to China) from Fort Lauderdale to Hong Kong – from $7750
  • 88-day (Florida to Asia) from Fort Lauderdale to Dubai – from $9850
  • 110-day (World Cruise from Florida) Fort Lauderdale to Southampton – from $12,200 PP.

FEBRUARY 2016 QM2 cruises South America departures

  • (February 2 departures from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)
  • 15-day (Brazil to Chile) from Rio De Janeiro to Santiago/Valparaiso – from $1700
  • 37-day (South America to Australia) from Rio De Janeiro to Sydney – from $4150
  • 55-day (South America to Asia) from Rio De Janeiro to Hong Kong – from $6300
  • 75-day (South America to Asia) from Rio De Janeiro to Dubai – from $8450
  • 97-day (World Cruise from South America, Brazil to UK) from Rio De Janeiro to Southampton – from $10,850 PP.
  • (February 17 departures from Santiago /Valparaiso, Chile)
  • 22-day Santiago to Sydney, Australia – from $2450
  • 40-day Santiago to Hong Kong, China – from $4350
  • 60-day Santiago to Dubai – from $6850
  • 82-day (World Cruise from South America, Chile to UK) from Santiago to Southampton – from $9,150 PP.

MARCH 2016 QM2 cruises Australia & Asia departures

  • (March 11 departures from Sydney, Australia)
  • 18-day (Australia to Asia) from Sydney to Hong Kong, China – from $2000
  • 27-day (Australia to Asia) from Sydney to Singapore – from $3150
  • 38-day (Australia to Asia) from Sydney to Singapore – from $4400
  • 60-day (World Cruise from Australia to UK) from Sydney to Southampton – from $6,700 PP.
  • (March 13 departures from Brisbane, Australia)
  • 16-day from Brisbane to Hong Kong – from $1850
  • 25-day from Brisbane to Singapore – from $2950
  • (March 29 departures from Hong Kong, China)
  • 9-day from Hong Kong to Singapore – from $1050
  • 20-day from Hong Kong to Dubai – from $2350
  • 42-day from Hong Kong to Southampton (M603) $4,750 PP.

APRIL 2016 QM2 cruises Asia departures

  • April 7 – 11-day from Singapore to Dubai (M603) from $1,950 PP.

May 2016 QM2 cruises Asia departures

  • May 10 – 7-day Transatlantic Southampton to New York (M604) – prices from $1250 PP.
  • May 17 – TBA soon.

Our Cunard Queen Mary 2 cruise ship itinerary program review shows the busy schedule of the world’s most famous liner providing a 100% guaranteed exceptional vacation. Cunard QM2 deals are some of the Britain’s most special cruise travel deals – Queen Mary 2 – your classic ocean liner for a scale of old-fashioned stylish top-luxury cruising services the world has never seen before! Enjoy it!

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